I’m going paperless.

For 2014, I’ve finally vowed to go paperless.

I have a filing cabinet, overflowing with the relics of bank years past.
I have a “to-file” box. Most of it will get recycled, but finding the time to sift through them is a task all its own.
I have yet another box filled with unopened envelopes as they roll in.

I hate all of them with a passion.

All the bills, all the notes, all the scraps of receipts? I want to move them all online to be scanned, OCR'ed, indexed, and safe.

I want to be able to target different levels of durability to files or tags. Important tax documents should wind up on both S3 and Dropbox. Less important things might only live on my hard drive. I don’t want or need it to be complicated. Just scan a document, and it shows up a few minutes later, searchable, with a raw PDF download.

Does such a tool exist? Can I buy it?

If not, I might have to just build it.

Do you want it? Let me know.


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